Supported bY the Columbia Undergraduate science journal (CUSJ)


UPDATE: We have now extended the deadline for submissions to January 22nd, 2019 at 11:59 EST. Please submit your files on the “Submission Portal” tab. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

The Columbia Junior Science Journal is a high school research journal seeking one- to two-page original research papers. We provide high school students with a platform to publish manuscripts in the fields of natural sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Selected CJSJ authors demonstrate the ability to communicate research projects to the general public and scientific community. CJSJ promotes the development of young researchers versed in technical and communication skills, which are facets encoded into the DNA of Columbia University.


CJSJ began as a spin-off journal of the Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal (CUSJ), an open-access, professional-level science journal that is committed to publishing manuscripts of the highest scholarship resulting from significant scientific research or outstanding scientific analysis. Papers published in CUSJ undergo a peer review process by the Journal’s Editorial Review Board.  Established in 2005, CUSJ publishes its journal annually, resulting in 9 volumes as of Fall 2015. In Fall 2015, CUSJ leadership elected to bring a similar opportunity to high school students by establishing CJSJ.