Who may submit?

High school students from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit their research by January 15th, 2019. 


May I submit multiple papers?

No. Please submit only your strongest paper for consideration. 


Can my multi-page paper be published?

We only accept papers that fit our one to two page limit (please see the Guidelines tab for more information). The aim of CJSJ is to exhibit high school researchers whose research quality goes above and beyond what is expected and who are able to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely.

Do you accept team papers with multiple authors?

Yes. In fact, individual authors should list any collaborators and mentors they worked with. However, teams must choose one primary author will will submit the paper. Include the names of all authors on the paper and in the "Personal Bio" section of the submission portal. There is no limit to team size. 

Submit only one permission form for your entire team, signed by the primary author and the PI/teacher.


When will I hear back from CJSJ on the success of my application?

Due to the volume of submissions, you will receive notification on the status of your application by Spring 2019.


May I submit if I have already graduated high school?

We welcome research done by recent graduates while they were enrolled in high school. However, we do not accept submissions based on research done after high school graduation. 


I noticed some restrictions on the Permission Form. Can I still use my research data for future publications and science fairs?

Yes absolutely. Our Permission Form ensures that the specific one-page paper you submit to CJSJ may not be reproduced in other journals or submitted to other journals if accepted for publication. You as the author retain copyright to the work, and you can feel free to use your data in future endeavors. The reproduction restrictions only apply if your paper is selected as one of the finalists and is published in CJSJ.


The website suggests that my paper should be communicated to laymen and scientists. Should I avoid using technical terms?

Writers can feel free to use scientific or technical terms, but they must make sure to define terms and assume that their audience is unfamiliar to their field.


Where can I learn more about the Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal?

Please visit cusj.columbia.edu. You can also like us on Facebook by searching for the "Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal."